Customers and Pets management

Easily mange your existing customers, and their pets. For each pet, store a unlimited number of pictures. Use our marketing tools to get new customers over the time.


Your appointments

Create, and find, all your appointments the easy way, with a few clicks. Distracted customers? Let Check-in DOG and its automatic reminder features dow the job, via email or SMS.


Your billing

Manage your sales intuitively and easily. Your invoices and sales journals are always at your fingertips. And your stocks are always up to date.

They already benefit from Check-in DOG


Boul'de Pwal ! (France)
"I'm delighted to benefit from Check-in DOG ! I use it since the creation of my home-grooming business in Ile-de-France (May 2016), Boul'de Pwal! The software is vey easy to use, making appointments is very fast. It is also very easy to find clients, their previous appointments, make a new one and see the frequency of visits for each dog. The ability to integrate pictures is a very valuable feature to remember the grooming done."

Danièle -

Art and Dogs Grooming Shop (Belgique)
"I use Check-in DOG every day and I really appreciate this work tool. I save a lot of time. As soon as the phone rings, I already have the customer's card in front of me and I can immediately personalise my answers. Thanks to the calendar, I can see directly the number of dogs for my week and I can easily see which day I have to fulfill first. I also like statistics about the most common breeds I have."

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More services for your customers with Check-in DOG

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Bringing a customer file to life

Groomers still reticent to use computers, but anxious, however to monitor their clientele in a serious and professional manner, achieve this by means of a long and tedious recording procedure using cards, on the basis of one card per customer or, more reasonably, per dog Read More

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Your appointments on the cloud

Grooming parlour management software Check-in DOG : your datas are secured in a cloud and more services are offered to develop your business.More